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Welcome to the official site of the American Gaited Pony Registry. The goal of the AGPR is to bring owners and breeders of Gaited Ponies together with each other, and that by reaching out through promotion and education we can help others learn more about these loveable, wonderful, smooth riding Gaited Ponies.


The American Gaited Pony Registry was created in 2004 to record the lineage, size, color and breeding of all ponies that perform a smooth 4-beat saddle gait. The AGPR provides registration services to owners and breeders of gaited ponies, 14.2 hands and under, of any background.


Registered ponies are entitled to advertising and promotion on our web site. Registered members can take advantage of benifits, awards and upcoming events. Details are posted as they become available. Plans are in the making for a future online pedigree program.


Please feel free to join our Facebook Group, which provides owners of Gaited Ponies, and people who are interested in Gaited Ponies, a focus point for meeting one another and sharing stories, pictures, events and rides, etc. 


Gaited Ponies are not necessarily few and far between, but many people do not give them the notice that they deserve.  They get shoved to the back of the pasture and overlooked all too often when people are deciding to buy a new mount for a child, therapy or driving horse, or when the body frails and limits a rider. Gaited ponies are useful for all ages and abilities. No matter your age, you never outgrow a pony!  


Don't let their smooth gait or small size fool you. Gaited Ponies can jump, compete in speed events and successfully compete against "normal" ponies and then turn around and give the smoothest trail ride you have ever experienced. 


Gaited Ponies can also keep up with their larger counterparts. Take a normal trotting pony on a trail ride with big horses and they will be hard pressed to keep up without bouncing you all over your saddle. A Gaited Pony can easily keep up with horses and not leave you with a sore back or bottom.


Gaited Ponies are unique because they exhibit a smooth, 4 beat, saddle gait such as a running walk, rack, foxtrot, stepping pace, tolt, or one of the paso gaits.  While their larger cousins in the horse world are easily found, it seems to be quite hard to find a nice, well gaited pony to ride.We are hoping to change that through the American Gaited Pony Registry.


Registration has many benifits. In breeding, the size of a pony's background can play a very large role in the size of it's offspring.  Knowing the height of a pony's sire, dam and grandparents can be very helpful in the breeding shed. Registered ponies are usually more valuable in the eyes of many potential buyers as it allows people to track a pony's history through the transfer of registration papers. Registration is usually the first step towards entry into the world of award shows and events.


Please read our rules and forms and condsider registering your Gaited Pony. 


Thank you for visiting,

Kathy Halladay, Director


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